For Our Economy

Recycling means jobs and a higher standard of living.

The less we need to expend on importing raw materials, and the energy needed to process raw materials, the more we can spend on ourselves and our children.

* The United States' major industrial sectors need recycled materials now more than ever. In fact, they are counting on those supplies to expand.
* There are around 530 recycling businesses in North Carolina employing more than 14,000 people.
* Let’s go on the low side and say all those recycling people make $25,000/year. That means recycling creates a $325 million payroll for North Carolina each year, which is plowed back into the economy through purchasing, home buying, savings in local banks and paying of property and income taxes.
* A 20 percent increase in recycling would create as many as 500 new jobs in this state. And you know the drill - more jobs mean more money, a stronger economy, cuter babies and all that.